A Look at Some of the More Questionable Fashion Choices in Pro Wrestling History

How about a Flashback Friday with the “Army Tank with a Ferrari engine, the one and only HUS-KY-HAIR-IS clap clap clap clap clap.

Throwback Thursday (I guess) with the man known in WCW as Terra Ryzing

The Renegade: the poorest mans version of the Ultimate Warrior.

Nothing like an aging and fat Animal teaming with Heidenreich to really shit all over your memories of the Road Warriors.

Chainsaw Charlie appreciation post. Happy Monday everyone.

See everyone at the #PayWindow today. I’ll be right behind Sidney Bakabella.

Google “Raven (wrestler)” and tell me if you could ever imagine that the man pictured above (as Scotty Flamingo and Johnny Polo, respectively) would ever turn into THAT guy.


My buddy James Jackson sent me this a while ago. Back in WCW, Rey Mysterio lost his mask, and eventually grew horns, or something. 

I’ve been really into DDP Yoga this year, so here is a Diamond Dallas Page with a feathered mullet appreciation post